1. C.carter said:

    Hi, how much would you charge to attend event for a day hrs 11 til 4 sat and or Sunday.
    Aim at childrens face painting

    • Charley Docker said:

      Hi there!

      I have emailed you personally !


      Retro Beauty

  2. Hi there! Saw ur article in bizarre dec 11 and if ur in london ill be a free model, dont mind the paint or latex but no pigs blood thanks im a veggie 🙂


    Jay x

    • Charley Docker said:

      Hi Jay!

      Hope you enjoyed the article in Bizarre!!

      I will be looking for allsorts of models and projects shortly so ill be in touch!


      Retro Beauty

  3. Amz said:

    Hey, i also saw your letter in Bizarre and can also model for you if you ever need an extra person or whatever. Thaanks 🙂

  4. Georgina M said:


    I also saw your article in Bizarre and would love to be a free model. No pigs blood for me either, just cannot do blood!

    Thanks Georgey x

    • Charley Docker said:

      Hi Georgina !
      Thats fantastic you saw Retro Beauty in Bizarre !
      Please email me on [email protected]
      I will send you a form of interest and some events coming up if you would like to be involved 🙂

      much love x

  5. GG said:

    How much would you charge for a Pantomime show?

    Hello by the way 🙂

    • Charley Docker said:

      Hi there, i did reply via email – did you recieve ?

      Charlotte x

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